Saturday, May 30

Why It’s Still Smart to Buy Your Next Car from a Dealer

Some people fear buying cars from dealers due to the horror stories told about car dealership. Of course there are dealers who are not doing honest or transparent business. However, there are some reputable car dealers today who aim to build a lasting relationship with their clients. Actually, contrary to the stereotype, most successful car dealers employ sales staffs that are professional, informed, customer-focused and keen to provide clients with unbiased information. Below are reasons you should consider a good Brisbane car dealership:

Specialist car advice

Car dealers are experts in cars and may offer you specialist advice on the type of car that suits your needs and budget. Gone are the days when sales staff pressurized buyers to buy a certain type of car to clear the stock. Today, most sellers are looking forward to building a lasting relationship with the client.

One stop shop

Car dealers who are licensed do not specialize in car selling only.  They can offer you information, which can help you with insuring and financing your car purchase. They can also protect your investment using different paint protection and rust fabric and add the appropriate accessories to ensure your specific needs are met.


You can enjoy statutory warranty if you buy a non-commercial car that is ten years and below from a Brisbane dealer who is licensed. The terms of this warranty change depending on the state. Also, most licensed car dealers may offer you extended warranties if you buy auto five years prior to the delivery date.

Car trade in

Nearly every Brisbane car dealer will accept trade-ins. You can therefore give out your old car and have a new car the same day. In case you have some amount of money owing on your old car, the dealers will ensure you enjoy a simple change over process without costly bridging loans. Unlike the mistaken belief, many car dealers are willing to give you a good offer for your trade car, especially if the car model is on high demand and it is in a good condition.

Guaranteed title

When you buy a car from a licensed Brisbane car dealership, you get a guarantee to title of the car. In case the previous owner of the car has not cleared with the car financier, the dealer will pay the full amount.

After sales service

Many car dealers offer their customers servicing and workshop facilities and spare parts to ensure the car runs well after buying. They may also offer specials or discounts for people who purchase high quality and costly cars.

Buying a car should not be a daunting task. With a reputable Brisbane car dealership, it is easy to get the advice that you need to make an informed decision. To avoid falling into the trap of dishonest car dealers, ensure you buy from licensed dealers only. You should also do your homework well by looking for references and referrals from people who have bought pre-owned vehicles Brisbane has today.  They can help you know the reputable car dealers you can rely on.