Job Description of Commercial Cleaning Services in Gold Coast

According to Barbara Connolly of the Building Services Contractors Association of Australia, the commercial cleaning industry contributes a fine 4 billion dollars annually to the Australian economy. Commercial cleaning for those that don’t understand is a term used by cleaning companies that make profit by receiving cleaning job contracts from individuals or businesses to perform the cleaning for them.  These companies have workers who are deployed to the various working stations to perform the cleaning services governed by specific rules in the job description. The following are points that describe what is entailed in commercial cleaning in Gold coast.

Essential duties and Responsibilities

The clients provide a customized cleaning checklist to give guidelines on the specific tasks to be performed by the cleaners. They arrive to work on time, perform their work according to the standard specifications as well as comply with all the safety policies and procedures relating to their tasks. In case of any potential safety or maintenance issue, they communicate to the client through the checklist. Their duties may range from dusting, mopping, and vacuuming, replenishing supplies to emptying trash and so forth. They are also required to ensure the safety of their clients’ properties or assets.

Skills and Competence

The professionals who offer services of commercial cleaning in Gold Coast have various qualifications as well. In their job description, they come into contact with clients, guests and also work with various appliances that require them to have the following qualifications. They must be able to communicate efficiently both verbally and in the written form, be friendly and professional, be able to solve problems and work with the rest of the team well. They should also be trustworthy as a client is inviting a stranger to their homes and working places, and they need to be able to trust them to do their work efficiently.

Work Environment

Commercial cleaning in Gold coast involves a lot of physical activity like walking, standing, bending, climbing, pushing and pulling objects. These activities may be repetitive, which require good physical condition. In addition, the job may require one to travel from one place to another with different clients in different areas. The cleaners are also required to adhere to a certain dress code and are mostly provided a uniform which they have to wear during work hours.

Education and Experience

The required education level varies with different commercial cleaners but mostly high school or diploma is required. Experience in service may be required but is not a must. The commercial cleaners encourage knowledge in English, both speaking and writing, to enable communication between staff and understanding of given instructions.

In most working areas, there are means to measure success and reward the winners in order to motivate the workers. In commercial cleaning, performance level is measured by considering the level of satisfaction of the customer, the rate at which the clients retain the commercial cleaners, comments from the clients and also points made by the manager through survey ensuring quality service.

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